With BRITA fill&go Active.


With BRITA fill&enjoy Fun.

With BRITA fill&enjoy Style.

Durable, stylish and as active as you

With the BRITA fill&go Active range, you have a durable and practical water filter bottle that can keep up with your active and healthy lifestyle. So, no matter whether you’re hitting the gym, the park or going on an active adventure, cooling down with some fresh water won’t be a problem.

  • Reduces chlorine and other taste-impairing substances
  • 1 filter disc filters up to 150 litres or lasts for up to 4 weeks
  • Squeezable main body
  • Removable safety cap
  • Shock resistant and dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free, high-quality, durable materials
  • Practical carrying strap
  • Innovative MicroDisc technology
  • Available in two sizes, 0,6 litres and 1 litre bottle size

Filtering water while on the go.

Staying hydrated on the go is important. That's why the new, refillable BRITA fill&go Vital provides you with great-tasting water no matter where you are.

  • Reduces chlorine and other taste-impairing substances
  • 1 MicroDisc filters up to 150 litres or lasts for up to 4 weeks
  • Costs only a few pence per litre
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free, high-quality, durable materials of German quality and design
  • Innovative MicroDisc technology
  • A great alternative to single use plastic bottles so is better for the environment


The new vibrant and stylish fill&enjoy Fun jug has a compact design, ideal for smaller households. Featuring new MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge with MicroFlow technology, impurities from tap water are reduced to leave great-tasting water for drinking, brewing tea and coffee and preparing meals. The Fun jug is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to transporting and storing plastic bottled water at home.

  • Cup icons inside indicate the right filling amount
  • Easy opening with the BRITA Swing Opener
  • New MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge
  • Vibrant, expressive colours
  • Easily fits in fridge door

Meet the new face of water filtration.

The new BRITA fill&enjoy Style combines contemporary design with the very latest in BRITA water filter technology, featuring premium innovations such as new formula MAXTRA+ for great tasting hot and cold drinks. The new BRITA fill&enjoy Style: water filtration takes another step into the future.

  • Modern soft-shaped lid with silicone opening strap
  • Visible BRITA Smart Light monitors filter status
  • Pure, minimalistic design
  • Fridge-door-fit
  • MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge included
  • Recommended by the UK Tea Academy
  • In blind taste tests 96% agree that tea is more brilliant with MAXTRA+ filtered water
  • Great tasting water from just 5p/litre


Small filter, big results: the improved MicroDisc with ActivSelect Technology lasts for up to 4 weeks and provides up to 150 litres of great-tasting, fresh BRITA filtered water.
Practical carrying strap
Whether inside or outdoors, you’ll always want to hang onto your BRITA fill&go Active. That’s why it has a convenient carrying strap that can be attached to backpacks, bags and more.
main body
The BRITA fill&go Active comes in two sizes: 0,6 litre and 1 litre bottle size. Just give it a squeeze, and you can determine the flow of BRITA filtered water.
resistant and dishwasher safe
The BRITA fill&go Active has been designed with a rugged casing that is both shock resistant and dishwasher safe.
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High performance starts with hydration

Being active makes you thirsty. That is why staying optimally hydrated is so important. The fill&go Active helps you stay hydrated wherever you are by providing the refreshment you need to enjoy maximum performance both in- and outdoors.


Great tasting water to go

Water should be fresh, clean and thoroughly enjoyable – especially during an active day or a sporty workout. That's why the ActivSelect filtration in the BRITA fill&go Active reduces taste-impairing impurities such as chlorine, and retains minerals including calcium and magnesium. Resulting in great-tasting water that´s always a delight to drink.


Style meets practicality.

The BRITA fill&go Active was designed to keep up with dynamic and sporty lifestyles, while combining a fresh look and practical features. The result is a modern water filter bottle that can be used practically everywhere. Its squeezable body is durable, while its lightweight carrying strap and protective safety cap make it ideal for all outdoor activities.


More taste less waste

The BRITA fill&go Active is a stylish and convenient way to enjoy filtered water while on the go. It is also a sustainable choice as it effectively replaces numerous, disposable PET bottles and is completely BPA-free.


Refreshingly cost-effective

Why pay money for bottled water when you can enjoy fresh, cost-effective filtered water with the BRITA fill&go Active? Thanks to its MicroDisc technology, you can filter water straight from the tap for a few pence per litre. Meaning you have more money to spend on treating yourself.


Always there when you need it

Having a bottle of freshly filtered water at your side is good. Having the opportunity to continually refill it no matter where you are, for only a few pence per litre, is even better. And that’s what you get with the BRITA fill&go Active. Forget having to go to the shops for small, disposable bottles and instead enjoy more freedom no matter where, or how thirsty, you are.