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BRITA is proud to be working with Liz Earle to highlight the many ways BRITA can enhance your day to day life and wellbeing.

Read below for recipes and day-to-day tips from Liz Earle herself:

"Staying hydrated is very important for good skin, and busy lives can mean we often forget to hydrate on the move. Never leave home without your refillable water bottle – I love my BRITA fill&go – and aim to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of filtered water each day."


"When you love to cook, it's always important to have the best ingredients possible. That's why you should always start with the most essential of them all - water. Use BRITA filtered water for all your culinary creations and taste the difference. Bon Appétit!"

Liz Earle has created some recipes exclusively for Brita, bringing out the real benefits of filtered water.

Discover delicious ways to stay hydrated this summer:


LIZ´S top ten tips

Beauty and wellbeing entrepreneur Liz Earle is a very busy woman. The co-founder of the Liz Earle Beauty Co, runs her own wellbeing website and magazine, is releasing a new book in September and is back on our TV screens on ITV’s This Morning. Despite her packed schedule, the former beauty journalist is a glowing picture of health. We asked Liz for her top ten tips for looking and feeling great this summer…


Did you know? 

That one third of people in the UK buy bottled water but do not believe they contribute to pollution because they recycle? UK adults will use nearly 7.7 billion single use plastic water bottles this year, adding to the rising tide of plastic pollution. BRITA has recently partnered with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) to highlight the damaging effects of using single use plastic bottles on the environment. Why not help make a difference by switching from buying plastic bottled water to using a refillable BRITA fill&go Vital?



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Filtering water while on the go.

Staying hydrated on the go is important. That's why the new, refillable BRITA fill&go Vital provides you with great-tasting water no matter where you are.

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Great Taste – Less Waste.

The BRITA fill&enjoy Fun gives you fresh, great-tasting filtered water without having to transport big, bulky bottles into your home. Its compact format makes it ideal for smaller households and kitchen spaces. The embedded cup icons let you precisely measure one or two cups of water.

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